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Natural zeolite granular is a kind of aluminosilicate mineral, its well-known for powerful ion-exchange capacity and strong adsorption, widely used as filter media, fertilize, soil conditioner agent, aquaculture and so on. Natural zeolite can be used in industry, agriculture and other fields, as ion exchanger, adsorption separation agents, desiccant, catalyst and water condensate mixture. Zeolite can go through iron exchange, adsorption function to fix the harmful material in a cavity to control environmental pollution and the effect of purifying water quality, protecting the environment.

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- Improving fertilizer efficiency
- Improving water retention and distribution
- Helping to remediate soil salinity and acidification
- Converting ammonia to nitrogen
- Helping to improve degraded soil
- Improving plant health and soil porosity 
- Reventing nitrogen from leaching into the soil and waterways


The following is the parameter information of natural zeolite we mainly produce. We can also provide activated zeolite according to clients' need. 

Item Data Item Data Item Data
Specific Gravity 1.92g/cm3 SiO2 68-70% Moisture ≤1.8%
Volume Weight 1.28g/cm3 AI2O3 13-14% NaO 0.6-1.6%
Wear Rate ≤0.8% Fe2O3 1-1.8% Mud Content ≤1.0%
Rate Of Reduction ≤1.0% CaO 1.8-2.2 K2O 1.6-3.9%
Porosity ≥48% MgO 0.9-1.4% Common size 1-2, 2-4mm


Zeolite is mainly used in pond culture, water purification, feed addition, organic compound fertilizer addition, and succulent plants growth. The product contains more than 20 kinds of constant and trace elements. It is an ideal additive for fish, shrimp, livestock, poultry, feed and organic fertilizers as long as it is a carrier for water quality protection agents.

zeolitezeolite1.Industry waster water treatment.
2.Living wastewater purify water quality.
3.Removal of ammonia nitrogen of drinking water.
4.Succulent plants Pavement.
5.Aquaculture and Agriculture Industry feed additive.
6.Environmental Protection
7.Removing fluorine and improving the soil
8. Softening of hard water
9. Farm sewage

Zhulin Activated Carbon Group is a China leading supplier with over 20 years of expertise in activated carbon industry. Our company is committed to providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective activated carbon products which are used in gas purification, water treatment, gold recovery, medicine industry, sewage treatment, air filters in gas masks and respirators, filters in compressed air and many other applications.

Due to its continuous and widespread success in overseas market and outstanding social contributions, our company was awarded by the local government for many times. Our activated carbon products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and other countries and regions, which enjoys good reputation.

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