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Anthracite coal for water treatment

Anthracite filter media is a kind of water media used in water treatment. Anthracite coal has the large surface area, and its various indexes all exceed the construction department's standard. Anthracite filter media is especially selected from the deep well minerals, so it contains the highest percentage of carbon. The raw material is always filtered and washed to make sure that the product can have a good effect on water filtration.   

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● Improve drinking taste
● Soften water
● High mechanical strength
● Stable chemical properties
● Insoluble in general acidic or alkaline water 
● Reasonable particle size grading   


Anthracite coal is an excellent filter media for water clarification in drinking or industrial use when used in combination with filtering sands. It is one of the most used filtering media. It is a good complement for the mixed filters, in the company of sand or manganese sand. Due to the special shape of its grains, it allows the suspended particles to be retained in the depth of the filtering bed. Compared to a sand filter, this filtering medium allows a higher flow, less pressure drop and a better and faster backwash.
Anthracite filter materials are specifically selected from deep mines with the highest percentage of carbon.


Subject Anthracite for water treatment
 size 0.8-1.2mm, 0.8-1.6mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm
Fixed carbon 80-90%
Density 1.2g/cm3
V.M. 6-7%
Broken rate ≤0.2


1. Big bag:500kg/600kg bag.
2. Small bag:50kg pp bag.
3. Customized bag according to customer's requirement

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