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Iron oxide desulfurizer

The iron oxide desulfurizer is a high-efficiency gas purifying agent which is prepared by adding iron oxide as a main active component and adding other accelerators. Between 20 °C and 100 °C, it has high removal performance for hydrogen sulfide, and has certain desulfurization effect on mercaptan organic sulfur and most nitrogen oxides.

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▪ convenient operation,
▪ high degree of purification,
▪ small bed layer resistance,
▪ strong adaptability,
▪ fast desulfurization,
▪ high sulfur capacity,
▪ no secondary pollution


The following is the parameter information of the iron oxide desulfurizer we mainly produce. We can also customize according to clients' need.

Item Index Remarks
Saturation sulfur capacity 550-800mg/g (under normal temperature, the original size)
Filling density 0.7~0.75kg/L  
Water capacity 40-50%  
Desulfurization precision ≤0.5ppm Contact time or 30 seconds, the import H2S10-15 mg/Nm3, airspeed acuities 1000 h - 1, temperature 15 °C to 55
Radial pressure strength ≥40N/cm  
Moisture <10.0%  
Grain degree 4mm, 6mm, 8mm   
Water resistance strength  With water or distilled water boiling 15 min above, not natural broken or mud change, flooding after drying constant regeneration activity
main ingredients Fe2O3·xH2O Fe(OH)3·xH2O
APPLICATIONS For the nature gas,coke oven gas, water gas , biogas


Desulfurizing principle of iron oxide desulfurizer is sulfur-containing compounds in waste gas adsorption into the holes of desulfurizer, thereby purifying gas. When desulfurizer after reaching saturation, namely its desulfurization ability, no longer need to be recycled, such as by steam stripping regeneration. 
Ferric oxide desulfurizer, however, after using for a long time, its activity will continue to decline, as the holes is obstructed by some impurity content, can be recycled waste desulfurizer of the active ingredient. Iron oxide desulfurizer mainly iron oxide as the main active components, add a variety of catalyst and carrier to make.
▪ It is widely used in fertilizer,chemical,petrochemical,coal chemical etc. Industry raw material
▪ the removal of hydrogen sulfide in process gas,the dry removal of H2S in the sulfur-bearing gas such as natural gas,watergas,semi-water gas,carbon gas,shift gas,coke oven gas,liquefide
gas,methane,CO2and city gas.
▪ It also has good effect of organic sulfur's desulfurization.

The working principle:
Desulfuration Reaction: Fe2O3.H2O+3H2S=Fe2S3.H2O+3H2O
Renewal Reaction: 2Fe2S3.H2O+3O2=2Fe2O3.H2O+6S (strong exothermic reaction)
Note: The desulfuration renewal can be cyclic regeneration when there is O2 or O2/H2S≥2.5 in the air, and the reaction formula combines into 2H2S+O2=H2O+2S with the iron oxide as the catalyst.

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