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Powdered Activated Carbon

Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is made from high-quality wood chip or coal, and is processed through a series of production processes. Powder activated carbon has the advantages of fast filtration speed, good adsorption performance, strong decolorization and deodorization ability, economical and durable, etc. PAC can be widely used in water treatment, sugar decolorization, wine, glycerin decolorization and other industries, wastewater purification, power plants, electroplating, etc.

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Powdered activated carbon available

  • Wood base powdered Carbon - Wood powder activated carbon is made of natural high quality pine charcoal as raw material and processed into black powder by phosphoric acid method or physical method. It is widely used in the decolorization of sugar, purification of wine and oil, deodorization of raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, various injections and reagents.

  • Coal based powder Carbon - It is made of high quality anthracite coal; it has flocculation and filtration effect, strong adsorption ability, fast filtration speed and stable quality. The main applications are waste water treatment and waste incinerator flue gas removal.

Application of ZLPAC series activated carbon

The well-developed pore structure and adsorption capacity of activated carbon are suitable for a wide range of liquid-phase applications. We offer powdered carbon for a variety of applications, including:

  • • Municipal wastewater treatment

  • • Sugar decolorization process

  • • Decolorization of edible oil and wine

  • • Drinking water purification

  • • Removal of COD and heavy metals

  • • Waste incineration deodorization

  • • Pharmaceutical industry

  • • Chemical additives

Packaging of powderd activated carbon

20kg/bag, 25kg/bag (on pallets), custom packaging or printing of customer brand information on the bag is also available
granular activated carbon 25kg

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 Granular-Activated-Carbon Download: Powdered Activated Carbon Introduction.PDF

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