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Manganese Sand

The appearance of the manganese sand filter material is dark brown, nearly round, and the main component is manganese dioxide, and the content is between 35% to 70%. Manganese sand is used to purify groundwater with simple process, convenient operation, low engineering cost, long-term stability, service period of more than 5 years, easy to manage, and can remove harmful substances such as iron, manganese and arsenic in water without adding any chemical agents. The water quality fully meets the drinking water standard. It is a very good groundwater treatment filter.

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▪ High mechanical strength
▪ Chemically stable
▪ Strong ion exchange capacity
▪ Acid and alkali resistant
▪ Not easy to break
▪ Long service life


The following is the parameter information of the manganese sand we mainly produce. We can also customize according to clients' need.

Item Data Item Data
MnO2 35-70%  specific gravity 3.4g/cm3
SiO2 17-20% bulk density 1.8g/cm3
Fe 20% solubility in hydrochloric acid <3.5%
Note:MnO2≥35% can removing iron and manganese, MnO2 ≤30%, can only remove iron from ground water.


Manganese sand is widely used in water supply and drainage of urban drinking water, sewage treatment, soft water tanks for industrial water, filter tanks, mechanical filters and other filtration devices; it is an indispensable filtration product for iron and manganese removal in the water treatment industry, and also with significant effect in removing iron and manganese from drinking water.

▪ The ideal grading ratio of water treatment filter
▪ Removal of iron and manganese to soften water quality
▪ Apply for drinking water and underground water
▪ Large specific surface area per unit volume
▪ Stronger interception capacity
▪ Oxidation catalytic effect
▪ Smaller backwash loss rate
▪ Nitrogen and phosphorus removal

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