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Walnut shell media

Walnut shell filter material due to its own hardness and ideal specific gravity, is processed by special physical and chemical treatment (to remove its pigment, fat, grease, and electricity payment ions), which makes it have a strong performance of oil removal in the water treatment, solid particles removal, easy backwashing and other excellent performance. Walnut shell filter media has been widely used in oilfield oily sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and civil water treatment. It is a new generation of water filter material that replaces quartz sand filter material, improves water quality, and greatly reduces water treatment costs.

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● Ideal density
● High mechanical strength
● Large specific surface area 
● Cost effective

More applications:

Except for water filter, it also has many other applications.
1. Abrasive

It can be used for polishing materials to polish glass, metal, leather, semiconductors, plastics, gems, jade, stainless steel, etc.
2. Cleaning agent
It is widely used in the cleaning of car engine carbon deposits, the turbine cleaning of ships and aircraft, the cleaning of tank exterior paint and the surface cleaning of various large buildings.
3. Scrub
Widely used in facial cleansers, shower gels, soaps and soaps to remove skin keratin.
4. Walnut shell pore former
Ceramic bond pores, pore-forming materials for grinding wheels. Compared with the previous pore-forming material-refined naphthalene, this product has uniform pores, no smell, no pollution, convenient use, low price, no damage to the body of the user, and safety. Moreover, the size of the pores of the grinding wheel can be arbitrarily selected. Therefore, it has been widely used in the foreign abrasives industry in the 1960s.


Subject Walnut shell media
 size 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh, 0.8-1.2mm or customzied
Oil content 0.25%
Density 1.35g/cm3
Moisture 6%
Wear rate 1.5%


1. Big bag:1.3ton bag.
2. Small bag:25kg/50kg pp bag.
3. According to customer's requirement

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