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Activated Carbon Coal vs Coconut

Date :2019-05-15
Classify: Activated Carbon

 What is the different between coconut shell activated carbon and Coal activated carbon?

The main difference between coal and coconut activated carbon lies in their source material. Coal-based activated carbon is derived from bituminous coal, whereas coconut-based activated carbon is made from coconut shells.


Coconut shell activated carbon is a small molecule pore structure, activated carbon into the water, the adsorption of water molecules when the air will produce many very small bubbles (naked eye just can see), dense continuously floating to the surface. However, the activated carbon of coal is generally of macromolecular pore structure, and the bubble phase produced is larger. For drinking water treatment, coconut shell activated carbon with micropore can react chemically with chlorine in the water and for is suitable for other microorganisms removal. For waste water, the effect of coal activated carbon is better. 


Coconut shell activated carbon belongs to the category of nut shell activated carbon, its main characteristics are small density, light hand, the weight in the hand is obviously lighter than coal activated carbon.The same weight of activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon volume is generally greater than coal activated carbon.Because of coconut shell activated carbon density is small, feel lighter, so you can put the active carbon in the water, coal quality carbon sink generally faster, and coconut shell activated carbon floating in the water for longer periods of time, as the saturated activated carbon adsorption of water molecules, increase its weight will gradually sink entirely, when activated carbon sink after all, will see every planet outside of the activated carbonWrapped in a little bubble, crystal clear, very interesting.


The shape of coconut shell activated carbon is generally broken granular, flake, and molding activated carbon, such as cylindrical, spherical activated carbon, mostly coal. Coconut shell activated carbon is much more expensive than coal activated carbon, and the finished activated carbon material is generally not easy to be recognized by the general public.

There are often illegal sellers on the market to use consumers can not identify the weakness of the material, with coal quality activated carbon fake coconut shell activated carbon sales, whether it is civil or industrial use field, this phenomenon is more serious.Above is a simple distinction between coconut shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon a few simple methods, I hope to help you.


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