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Activated Carbon Regeneration

Date :2019-10-24
Classify: Activated Carbon

What is activated carbon regeneration?

The activated carbon regeneration means it is fully absorbed are activated under certain conditions. Activated carbon has been widely used in environmental protection, industrial and civil use, and has achieved considerable results. However, after activated carbon is used and needs to replaced, the use of activated carbon adsorption is a physical process, so it can remove the impurity carbon with high temperature steam to regenerate and this has obvious economic benefits. So the activated carbon can be reused and regenerated continuously.

What are the regeneration methods of activated carbon?

There are many methods for regeneration of activated carbon, and Zhulin Group mainly use thermal regeneration. It is divided into three stages of drying, high temperature carbonization and activation. Zhulin regenerative activated carbon equipment has many advantages: continuous production of combustible gas produced by a single gasification furnace, with the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. For example, silver impregnated activated carbon is also regenerated by high temperature desorption.

Why do we need to regenerate activated carbon?

1.Conducive to circular economy

The application range of activated carbon is becoming more and more extensive, but since the activated carbon is easily saturated during usage and loses its adsorption capacity, it must be replaced by frequent replacement. The activated carbon is expensive, and each time the new carbon is replaced, the operating cost of the enterprise will be increased. Therefore, it is necessary to consider recycling the saturated activated carbon to achieve the purpose of circular economy.
2. Conducive to energy saving and emission reduction
If 1 ton of saturated activated carbon is incinerated as waste, it is equivalent to releasing 0.128 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. To make 1 ton of high-quality activated carbon, it needs to consume 8 tons of wood or 8 tons of raw coal. The regeneration of activated carbon can greatly reduce the consumption of coal resources, reduce air pollution and reduce energy waste.
In conclusion, the regeneration of activated carbon is essential for maintaining its effectiveness in removing impurities from liquids and gases. The choice of regeneration method depends on the type of impurities being removed and the level of regeneration required. Any question, do not hesitate to contact with us!


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