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Briquetted active carbon

Date :2022-02-08
Classify: Activated Carbon

What is Agglomerated Briquetted Activated Carbon?

Briquette crushing activated carbon is granular activated carbon produced by different grades of coal material. This kind of activated carbon is processed by scientific formulation of several types of appropriate coal, grinding into powder, non-bondable extrusion, carbonization, and steam activation, crushed to the suitable size, and screened for different requirements. With developed macropore and mesopore structures, agglomerated activated carbon is widely used to adsorb color and odor molecules in the solution, and water treatment treatment for water plant.


Agglomerated Granular Activated Carbon for water treatment

With good adsorption properties, this type of activated carbon is recommended to remove impurities from water and industrial water treatment. It is widely used in drinking water and industrial water depth purification, bleaching, odor, oil, and deep purification treatment of sewage etc.

Subject Agglomerated Granular Activated Carbon for water treatment
 Coarseness (mesh) 12x40 , 8x30 or customized
Molasses value 210 (min)
Molasses brightening powder 100 (min)
 Iodine Absorb (mg/g) 950-1100
 Hardness (%) 95 (min)
 Moisture (%) 5 (max)
Ash (%) 6 (max)
Total surface area (sq. m/g): 1000-1100
Abrasion No: 75-80
Apparent density (g/l) 450-480


 Agglomerated activated carbon for decolorization:

Coal-based Agglomerated Granular Activated Carbon can capture small particles for sugar filteration. So it will polish the sugar liquor and provides sparkling clarity which results in good quality refined sugar without haziness. 

Subject Agglomerated Activated Carbon for decolorization
 Coarseness (mesh) 12x40 , 8x30 or customized
 Iodine Absorb (mg/g) 950-1100
 Hardness (%) 95 (min)
 Moisture (%) 5 (max)
Ash (%) 8 (max)
Apparent density (g/l) 450-550

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