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Activated carbon for biogas treatment

Date :2022-06-09
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As one of the important energy sources, biogas not only continuously provides us with clean energy, but also effectively processes organic waste and reduces environmental pollution. However, it contains the hydrogen sulfide, VOC and other harmful components, which reduces its utilization value, but also pose potential threats to the environment and human health. Activated carbon, as an important purification material, has attracted much attention due to its excellent adsorption capacity and reproducibility. By effectively adsorbing harmful components in biogas, activated carbon can improve the purity of biogas, thereby playing a greater role in energy production and environmental protection. In this article, we explore the key role of activated carbon in biogas purification.
activated carbon for biogas

Sources and components of biogas

Biogas is a mixed gas produced by microorganisms decomposing organic matter. Its main sources include sewage treatment plants, agricultural waste treatment, municipal waste compost, etc. Its main ingredients include:
•  Methane (CH4): it accounts for 50% to 70% of biogas. Methane is the main energy component of biogas.
•  Carbon dioxide (CO2):  it accounts for approximately 30% to 50% of biogas. Carbon dioxide is released along with methane.
•  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S): it is a toxic gas that can cause harm to the environment and humans even in extremely small concentrations.
•  Ammonia (NH3): it is also an impurity in biogas, usually in a small proportion.

How to choose Activated carbon for biogas?

Activated carbon is a porous material with extremely strong adsorption capacity and can remove harmful gases in biogas through physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Physical adsorption refers that gas molecules will be attached on the surface of activated carbon, while chemical adsorption refers that the waste gas will react chemically with the surface of activated carbon.
activated carbon for biogas purification

Virgin Carbon

Virgin activated carbon mainly removes harmful gases such as hydrogen sulfide in biogas through physical adsorption. Hydrogen sulfide molecules are adsorbed through the micropores of activated carbon and physically interact with the surface of activated carbon, thereby effectively separating them. 

KOH impregnated activated carbon

Due to its highly alkaline surface, KOH-impregnated carbon is widely used in biogas purification. KOH can effectively adsorb H2S and react with it to generate potassium sulfide, thereby effectively converting H2S into non-volatile sulfide, greatly reducing its harm to the environment.

KI impregnated activated carbon

KI impregnated carbon is another common type of impregnated carbon, which is characterized by its strong adsorption capacity for siloxane.  KI can chemically react with siloxane to form a relatively stable compound, which can be effectively adsorbed and removed to protect equipment from corrosion and clogging.


Activated carbon plays an important role in biogas desulfurization, and its excellent adsorption properties make it an ideal choice for removing harmful gases from biogas.

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