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Activated carbon for amine filtration

Date :2020-07-15
Classify: Activated Carbon

How to purify natural oil?

Natural oil is contaminated with a variety of materials including H2S, CO2, particulate and other acid gases. Amine-based desulfurization technology uses MDEA 40% and DEA 20% as a desulfurizer to remove H2S and CO2 in TGTU and AGRU units.

Alkylol amine technique is adopted at natural gas processing plant in a large scale, and MDEA or formula solvents are mainly used to purfiy sour natural gas. Because of the poor anti-pollution ability of MDEA, as well as the degradation, deterioration and corrosion of alkanolamine solution, solution foaming always occurs, which affects the smooth operation of the unit and may even lead to substandard product gas, solvents loss and plant shutdown. 

In order to solve the problems of frequent filter flushing, device corrosion, foaming and loss of amine liquid in the operation of amine liquid desulfurization system, activated carbon has been regarded as the most effective way for removing amine degradation compound(anti foaming).

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