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Activated carbon for sesame oil decolorization

Date :2020-12-08
Classify: Activated Carbon

How to decolorize sesame oil?

Aqueous extraction method is the most common traditional method for producing sesame oil. The production of vegetable oil by the water generation method uses the different affinity of non-oil components in the oil to oil and water and the different specific gravity of oil and water to separate oil and water. During sesame oil production, activated carbon powder is also necessary.
• Decolorization
• Speed up precipitation

Water extraction process is a traditional oil-making method in our country. This ingenious "water belt method" is like this: the sieved sesame seeds are fried in a pot, and then the sesame seeds are ground into fine pieces with a stone mill. Then the workers put the oil billet and boiling water into the pot according to the proportion. After stirring and precipitation, the oil is replaced, and the residual oil is separated from the hemp residue by long-term vibration and heavy copper hammering.

In the process of producing sesame oil, our activated carbon powder is widely used, which can remove color, impurities and deodorize. It is necessary to add 3% activated carbon powder in the 80 degrees of working environment, stir for 30 minutes, and filter.

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