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NB113 CO medium temperature conversion catalyst

NB113 CO medium temperature conversion catalyst
NB113 Catalyst is one kind of high temperature shift catalyst, which helps to convert CO with H2O into H2 and CO2 in feed gas in the range of 290~500℃. It is available for ammonia synthesis industry and all kinds of hydrogen manufacturing units.

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NB113 catalyst :

• Good activity under low temperature. It shows good activity even under 260℃ and get better conversion efficiency under 290~330℃.
• Low sulfur content in its body. Sulfur in body is less than 200ppm.
• High crush strength. Is not easy to shatter or crack after long time run
• Wide range of operating temperature. Qualified CO slippage under 300~500 ℃ and shows fine operating flexibility
• Good sulfur resistance. Activity is stable even under condition of 0.3g/Nm3 H2S.
• Low steam consumption
• Good boiled water resistance and long service life.

Physical property:

HTSC NB113 normally manufactured according to the customer's process condition.
General physical properties are as follow:
Appearance: Brown cylinder tablet
Size: Ø9×6~8mm or Ø6×6~5mm and special size can be supplied at users request
Bulk density: 1400~1600kg/m3
Radial crush strength: 205N/cm MIN


HTSC type NB113 is used for accelerating the reaction of CO with H2O to produce CO2 and H2 at high temperature(290~500℃)
CO +H2O= CO2+H2
The reaction is exothermic. Higher conversions are favored by lower temperatures and higher ratios of steam. According to kinetics lower temperature will be lower reaction speed. So an appropriate temperature should be selected correctly. To avoid steam condensation operating temperature should be 20~30℃ over steam dew point.
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