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Carbon molecular sieve

The Carbon molecular sieve is a material containing tiny pores of a precise and uniform size that is used as an adsorbent for gases. When the pressure is high enough, the oxygen molecules, which pass through the pores of CMS much faster than the nitrogen molecules, are adsorbed, while the coming out nitrogen molecules will be enriched in gas phase. The enriched oxygen air, adsorbed by the CMS, will be released by reducing the pressure. Then the CMS is regenerated and ready for another cycle of producing nitrogen enriched air.

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Carbon molecular sieve can be used for separating air and collecting Nitrogen, it works under normal temperature and low pressure, it can save cost, and the nitrogen generation rate is faster than traditonal cryogenic high pressure nitrogen process. Therefore, it is the prefered pressure swing adsorption (PSA) air separation field. This nitrogen is widely used in the chemical industry, oil and gas industry, electronics industry, food industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, cable, metal, heat treatment industry, etc.


The following is the parameter information of the carbon molecular sieve we mainly produce. We can also customize according to the iodine value and specifications you need.

Model Adsorption pressure Nitrogen Purity (%) Nitrogen generation ratio (M³/Mt.Ht) Air/N²
CMS-200 0.75-0.8 95 400 2.1
99.5 200 2.7
99.9 125 3.9
99.99 80 5.0
99.999 35 7.0
 CMS-220 0.75-0.8 95 420 2.0
99.5 220 2.6
99.9 145 3.7
99.99 100 4.8
99.999 55 6.8
 CMS-240 0.75-0.8 95 440 1.8
99.5 240 2.5
99.9 160 3.5
99.99 110 4.6
99.999 65 6.6
 CMS-260 0.75-0.8 99 320 2.2
99.5 260 2.4
99.9 175 3.4
99.99 120 4.6
99.999 70 6.5

0.75-0.8 99 335 2.2
99.5 280 2.3
99.9 190 3.4
99.99 135 4.5
99.999 90 6.4
Diameter 1.0-1.8 Bulk density 630-680G/L Test temperature
Adsorption time 2X50s Compressive strength ≥50N/grain ≤20℃

PSA Nitrogen Generation Process:

1) Air Feed System
The environmental air supplied to the PSA system should be compressed and purified to get rid of the dust, the oil and water.
2) PSA Nitrogen Generation System
While the compressed and purified air flows through the adsorbent bed with CMS inside in a bottom up way under the pressure of 0.6MPa, the oxygen molecules will be adsorbed by the solid surfaces of the CMS, and the enriched nitrogen will be output from the top of the bed to the container.

When the adsorbent bed reaches the end of its capacity to adsorb oxygen, it can be regenerated by reducing the pressure, thereby releasing the adsorbed oxygen. Using two adsorbent beds to absorb and regenerate in turn allows producing continuous nitrogen in cycle.

Packed is in 25kg or 500kg woven bags. Other packaging is avaiable upon your request.

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