Activated carbon for oil sweetening catalysts

Zhulin customizes 10*30mesh activated carbon, which is hard and regenerable granular activated carbon (GAC) manufactured from select grades of bituminous coal. Its pore structure has been developed for the adsorption of both high and low molecular weight impurities. This type of activated carbon is designed for use in fixed bed sweetening processes of treating petroleum distillates. The optimal pore size and surface area make this carbon excellent for impregnating with recommended sweetening catalysts.

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●  High density
●  Large pore volume
●  High surface area
●  Agglomerated grade bituminous coal
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Main Application:

Activated carbon serves as a perfect substrate for impregnation with any oxidation catalyst used in the removal of mercaptans from high grade liquid fuels. Providing both exceptional product hardness, minimal fine formation in the treated fuel, and low volume density.


The following is the parameter information of granular activated carbon for oil sweetening catalysts we mainly produce. We can also customize according to the iodine value and specifications if clients need.

Subject ZLGAC---Granular activated carbon for oil sweetening catalysts
 Coarseness (mesh) 10x30 or customized
Abrasion No 80
 Iodine Absorb (mg/g) 900-950
 Hardness (%) 95 (min)
 Moisture (%) 2 (max)
Ash (%) 15 (max)



1. Big bag:500kg/600kg bag.
2. Small bag:25kg/50kg pp bag.
3. According to customer's requirement


Zhulin Activated Carbon Group is a China leading supplier with over 20 years of expertise in activated carbon industry. Our products are certified with HALAL, ARA HALAL, KOSHER and ISO 9001:2008. The company is committed to providing a range of high quality, innovative, cost-effective activated carbon products which are used in water treatment, gas purification, gold recovery, sugar decolorization, sewage treatment, air filters in gas masks and respirators, filters in compressed air and many other applications.

Due to its continuous and widespread success in overseas market and outstanding social contributions, our company was awarded by the local government for many times. Our products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and other countries and regions, which enjoys good reputation.

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