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Impregnated activated carbon for removal of H2S in waste gas

Date :2019-08-22
Classify: Company News

Product : KOH Impregnated Coal Activated Carbon

Application : Impregnated activated carbon for removal of H2S in waste gas

Introduction: This client is from Singapore, who purchased KOH Impregnated Coal Activated Carbon Column for the removal of H2S in waste gas. This is Singapore government purchase, so far we have cooperated for over three years.

Activated carbon impregnated with KOH liquids, possesses good dynamic adsorption ability to H2S gas, especially under the environment of high relative humidity.

In high sulfur coal mine pit, and some Pesticide plant, H2S gas has not been well governed. In European countries, at the early stage, NaOH impregnated activated carbon were applied for removal of H2S gas. Gradually, it was instead by KOH impregnated activated carbon.

How the KOH impregnated activated carbon works to remove H2S?

 H2S+2KOH(full dose)==K2S+2H2O
 H2S+KOH(small amount)==KHS+H2O 
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