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Top Activated Carbon Suppliers of 2024

Date :2024-03-15
Classify: Activated Carbon
In today's landscape, where environmental consciousness and energy efficiency are paramount, the significance of activated carbon in water treatment and air purification cannot be overstated. Additionally, with the surge in international gold prices and demand, the need for coconut shell activated carbon in gold mining has seen a parallel rise. This article delves into the top 10 trusted activated carbon manufacturers globally, which contributes significantly to various industrial sectors.

Jacobi Carbon

  • Established in 1916 in Sweden, Jacobi Carbon stands as the largest producer of coconut shell-based activated carbon worldwide.
  • Renowned for its extensive product range including filter devices and ion exchange resins.
  • With factories spanning across multiple countries and a global presence, Jacobi excels in serving the water treatment and gold refining industries.

Calgon Carbon


  • Originating in the USA in 1942, Calgon Carbon has established itself as a global leader in activated carbon solutions.
  • Offering a diverse portfolio including activated carbon, reactivation services, and specialized equipment.
  • Its subsidiaries in various countries testify to its global reach and commitment to innovative purification solutions.

CPL Activated Carbon

CPL Activated Carbon
  • Founded in 1990 in the United Kingdom, CPL Activated Carbon has emerged as a key player in the international market.
  • Specializing in activated carbon and filtration devices, CPL caters to a wide array of industrial purification applications.

Norit Corporation

Norit carbon
  • Since its inception in 1916 in the Netherlands, Norit Corporation has been synonymous with excellence in activated carbon products.
  • Boasting a catalog of over 400 activated carbon products catering to diverse industries and applications.

Donau Carbon

  • Founded in Germany in 1915, Donau Carbon has garnered a reputation for providing comprehensive solutions in gas and liquid treatment.
  • With a global presence spanning multiple countries, Donau Carbon offers expertise from design to commissioning of activated carbon adsorption systems.


desotec carbon
  • Originating in Belgium in 1990, DESOTEC specializes in purification solutions based on activated carbon technology.
  • Known for its international presence and commitment to delivering tailored filtration solutions.

Zhulin Carbon

zhulin carbon
  • Established in China in 2010, with over 14 years history, Zhulin Carbon has come No.1 in Henan in activated carbon industry. 
  • Leveraging China's abundant coal resources, Zhulin Carbon ensures high-quality activated carbon products for global clientele.

Haycarb PLC

Haycarb activated carbon

  • Founded in Sri Lanka in 1973, Haycarb PLC is a prominent manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon
  • Capitalizing on Sri Lanka's abundant coconut shell resources, Haycarb PLC ensures top-notch quality for its core product.

Carbon Activated Corp

carbon activated corp

  • Established in Los Angeles, California in 1993, Carbon Activated Corp is one of the largest privately-owned activated carbon companies in North America.
  • Known for its efficient production processes and the large warehouse for immediate shipping.

General Carbon

general carbon

  • General Carbon Corporation has been in the activated carbon and activated charcoal business for over 60 years.
  • Based in Paterson, NJ., General Carbon boasts extensive experience in activated carbon applications and offers comprehensive services including spent carbon management.


While the aforementioned companies represent some of the premier activated carbon manufacturers, the industry continues to evolve with new entrants and innovations. Whether it's for water treatment, air purification, or industrial applications, choosing the right activated carbon supplier is crucial for achieving optimal results in purification processes.

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