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Honeycomb Activated Carbon

Date :2020-01-09
Classify: Activated Carbon

Honeycomb activated carbon is as the adsorbent material, which has a strong cleaning effect. It uses a mixture of bituminous coal and organic additives as the raw materials, which are further chemically processed into a honeycomb structure. The pore shape makes it have a large surface area and can be contacted with the largest area. It can effectively adsorb sulfur dioxide, carbon tetrachloride, lipids, phenols and other substances to achieve a cleaning effect.

Honeycomb activated carbon filter

The biggest advantage of waterproof honeycomb activated carbon lies in its unique structure, which exposes the maximum surface area to air contact. It is suitable for exhaust gas purification of large equipment, which can minimize the wind resistance coefficient, reduce the consumption of energy equipment, and reduce operating costs. The cost performance is far exceeds that of granular activated carbon, and the tetrachloride adsorption rate of honeycomb activated carbon developed and produced by Zhulin Carbon can reach 55% or more, and has been accepted by our clients.

Honeycomb activated carbon Application

The application of waterproof honeycomb activated carbon is very wide, and the prospect is very good. It can be applied to large machines, especially gas treatment equipment with spray devices. For water treatment, it can directly put into the water to remove impurities and can be waterproof. In addition to treating exhaust gas, it can also be used directly in the fish tank. Besides, it can be applied to power plants to protect water quality.

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