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Activated Carbon for Water Filter

Date :2024-07-17
Classify: Activated Carbon
Water filters are important equipment in modern household and industrial water treatment. Their main purpose is to remove impurities from water and improve water quality. Activated carbon is one of the most commonly used filtration materials in water filters, which can effectively remove chlorine, odors, organic pollutants and some heavy metals in water. The microporous structure and huge specific surface area of activated carbon make it an ideal water purification material, which can significantly improve the taste and quality of water.

This blog provides detailed information about activated carbon, water filter cartridges, and how to choose the right activated carbon.
activated carbon for water

What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is a highly adsorbent material made from specially processed carbonized materials such as coconut shells, wood or coal. Its surface is full of micropores that can adsorb and remove impurities in water. The high adsorption capacity of activated carbon makes it widely used in water filters.
The activated carbon in water filters usually needs to be replaced regularly to ensure its water purification effect. The replacement cycle depends on the usage. It is generally recommended to replace household water filters every six months to one year, while industrial water filters adjust the replacement frequency according to the specific use environment and water quality. Regular replacement of activated carbon filters can not only maintain high water quality standards, but also extend the service life of water filters.

What is water filter?

The water filter element is the core component of the water filter. It has various types and functions, and is mainly divided into household water filter and industrial water filter.

Household water filter:

The household water filter element is usually small in size and easy to install. It is suitable for household water purification systems such as kitchens and bathrooms. Its main function is to remove residual chlorine, odor, suspended matter and some organic matter in tap water to improve the quality of drinking water and domestic water. Common household water filter elements include activated carbon filter elements, ceramic filter elements and composite filter elements.

Industrial water filter:

The industrial water filter is more complex in design and larger in size. It is suitable for environments with high water quality requirements such as factories and laboratories. Its main function is to remove heavy metals, chemical pollutants, microorganisms and other impurities in water to meet the needs of production processes and equipment operation. There are many types of industrial water filter elements, including activated carbon filter elements, reverse osmosis membrane filter elements, ultrafiltration membrane filter elements, etc.
coconut carbon VS coal carbon

How to choose activated carbon for water filter?

Zhulin Carbon recommends coconut shell and coal-based granular activated carbon for water filter. Coconut shell activated carbon is excellent at removing chlorine, with a large specific surface area, high adsorption capacity and low ash content, while coal-based activated carbon is good at removing odor and some organic pollutants. The following are the specific parameters of the these two activated carbons:
Item Coconut shell activated carbon Coal granular activated carbon
Surface area 1000-1200 m²/g 900-1100 m²/g
Iodine 900-1100 mg/g 400-1050 mg/g
Size 1-2mm,2-4mm or customized
Ash content <5% <15%


The widespread use of activated carbon in water filters has significantly improved water quality and safety. Domestic and industrial water filters meet different water needs through different designs and functions. When choosing the right activated carbon, parameters such as specific surface area, microporous structure, adsorption capacity, particle size and ash content need to be considered comprehensively. Regular replacement of activated carbon filters can maintain high water quality standards and extend the service life of water filters.
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