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Activated carbon for water filter

Date :2020-12-03
Classify: Activated Carbon

When it comes to drinking water, water filter plays a crucial role in the water purification. Activated carbon has been widely applied in water filters, which is a key point in ensuring that the water flowing from our taps at home becomes pure and safe. This blog will express the component of water filter, and discuss the crucial role of activated carbon for water filter.

 Five-stage water purifier introduction

Water filters generally consist of several key components that work together to purify water effectively. Here are the five main parts typically found in water filters:
The first level of PP cotton: removal of all kinds of visible objects/dust and impurities in tap water.
The second and third stages of pre-activated carbon: removal of chlorine and organic impurities. It can also absorb the peculiar smell, color and smell produced by organic compounds in the water.
The fourth level: ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane, the membrane can remove bacteria, viruses and spores in the water.
The fifth level of post activated carbon device: further improve the taste and remove peculiar smell.

CTO Filter

CTO filter uses coal-based activated carbon or coconut shell activated carbon with high iodine value as the filter material, and is sintered and compressed with the food-grade binder. For this type of activated carbon, the size is small, and require lower ash for better adsorption. The two ends of the carbon core are equipped with soft rubber gaskets to make the carbon core into the filter cartridge with good airtightness. Most clients will choose coconut shell activated carbon with size of 30*60mesh or 50*70mesh.

UDF Filter                                                                                              

For bulk activated carbon filter, the required granular activated carbon particles will be put into a special plastic shell, and the end caps are welded to the two ends of the shell with welding equipment. The two ends of the shell are respectively put into non-woven filter sheets for filtering , to ensure that the carbon core will not drop carbon powder and black water during usage. According to customer needs, the shell end cover can be made into different types of connection ports. Interface methods are: flat pressure type and pipeline type.

How to choose activated carbon for water filter?

According to different water quality, clients can choose coal or coconut granular activated carbon, and some clients will choose impregnated silver activated carbon.
 Coconut activated carbon 
Granular activated carbon Index
A grade water filter B grade water filer
Moisture ≤5% ≤5%
Hardness ≥90% ≥85%
Iodine value ≥1000mg/g ≥800mg/g
Methylene blue ≥135mg/g ≥105mg/g
Phenol adsorption value ≥120mg/g ≥120mg/g
Semi-dechlorinated value           ≤6cm ≤8cm
PH  4-11
Density ≤0.5g/cm3

• Coal granular activated carbon 

Granular activated carbon Index
A grade B grade
Moisture 10
Hardness 90
Iodine value 1000
PH 4.5-7.5
Methylene blue 135
Ash 5
Impregnated silver value 0.2-0.3 0.06-0.2
Residual chlorine removal rate  

FAQ about activated carbon for water filter

•  Which type of activated carbon is suitable for chlorine removal?
Chlorine can eliminate harmful microorganisms in the water treatment. But as a powerful disinfectant, it can cause an undesirable taste and odor.  Activated carbon can reduce chlorine content and improving the overall quality of water. Generally, coconut shell, apricot shell and peach shell activated carbon is the perfect choice. With the low metal content, they can play an important role for chlorine removal.

Conclusion of activated carbon for water filter

For high standard of water filter, choosing activated carbon is necessary. In this regards, Zhulin Carbon offers exceptional activated carbon products and professional water filtration solutions. Whether for household use or industrial applications, Zhulin Carbon provides comprehensive support with its superior products and professional services. By choosing Zhulin Carbon, you ensure that your water filtration system achieves optimal filtering results, providing clean and safe drinking water for your living and working environment.
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