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Activated carbon for cooker hoods

Date :2021-03-10
Classify: Activated Carbon

How to choose an suitable activated carbon filter for cooker hoods

The kitchen is an important part of the home. Most the families will install cooker hoods, which are put above the stove and collect smoke and odors from the air above the cooking furnace.
Instead of venting smoky air outdoors, these cooker hoods recirculate the air through a small air filter which removes impurities and deposits the air back into the kitchen. These air filters must be cleaned or replaced periodically. 
Where a Cooker Hood has used recirculation mode, both a grease and activated carbon filters are needed to remove the grease, steam, and odors from the vapors from the hob.
The activated carbon filter removes the smell from the air and the air is passed back into the kitchen.
Do you know how often you should change the active carbon filter of cooker hoods? It depends entirely on how much it is in operation. Do you use it daily, or only occasionally? Depending on the usage, it is usually sufficient to change the activated carbon filter once or twice a year.
· Replacement carbon filter for recirculating extractor hoods
· Removes odors and grease from the air during cooking, preventing deposits in the room and on furniture
· Only for use when the hood is in recirculating mode
· Helps maintain clean air in the kitchen


Subject                Unit                       Coal Activated Carbon Pellet                         
Idoine value mg/g  700-900
Size                mm  4, 6, 8
PH  /  6-8
Moisture  % ≤5
Ash % ≤8

The main industrial activated carbons of Zhulin Carbon includes:
Activated carbon for petroleum refineries:
Gasoline desulfurization carrier activated carbon, as the catalyst carrier, it is widely used in the petrochemical industry for high-purity gas and liquid adsorption, desulfurization, deodorization and so on;
Activated carbon in water treatment:
Water purification activated carbon, it is used for water purification, drinking water deodorization, dechlorination; high-end water treatment in boiler water, food, beverage industries, etc.;
Gold activated carbon:
Activated carbon for water treatment, used for the separation and extraction of non-ferrous metals, especially used in heap leaching method to extract gold and tail liquid recovery;
Food grade activated carbon:
Refining and decolorizing in beverages, alcohol, MSG mother liquor industries and so on.


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