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Activated Carbon for Copper Electrolysis

Date :2023-11-02
Classify: Activated Carbon
During the copper electrolytic refining process, impurities such as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and nickel in the anode are continuously dissolved and accumulated in the electrolyte. When the impurities are enriched to a certain concentration, they will affect the quality of the cathode copper, so it is necessary to open part of the electrolyte for purification.
activated carbon for copper electrolytic

What is copper electrolyte?

Copper electrolyte, during the copper electrolytic refining process, the composition of the electrolyte continues to change, the concentration of copper ions continues to rise, impurities continue to rise, and the decomposition products of sulfuric acid and various additives continue to accumulate, thus making the composition of the electrolyte deviates from the specified range. In order to ensure the quality of cathode copper products and maintain normal production, the electrolyte must be purified. The main purpose is to remove harmful arsenic, antimony and bismuth, recover valuable elements such as copper and nickel, and enable the sulfuric acid to be returned for use.
activated carbon for copper electrolytic

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is one of the important components in the production process of electrolytic copper. Activated carbon is a porous material with a large specific surface area and excellent adsorption properties. In the electrolytic copper process, activated carbon can adsorb organic matter and impurities, purify the electrolyte, and improve the electrolysis effect. In addition, activated carbon can also absorb some harmful gases and play a role in purifying the environment.
activated carbon for copper electrolyte 2
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