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Copper Foil Electrolyte Purity: The Key Role of Activated Carbon

Date :2023-10-30
Classify: Activated Carbon

Copper foil is a key conductive material in lithium-ion batteries and printed circuit boards. However, the purity of the copper foil is critical to the quality of the circuit board. To ensure high-quality copper foil production, electrolyte purification is an essential process. In this process, activated carbon has proven to be an efficient and reliable purification agent. This article will explore in detail the key role and impact of activated carbon in the purification of copper foil electrolyte.

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What is electrolytic copper foil solution?

The production of electrolytic copper foil is to deposit copper ions on the cathode through electrodeposition from a copper sulfate aqueous solution to form copper foil. In order to obtain ideal electrolytic copper foil, the quality of the electrolyte is crucial. The electrolyte must be very clean, and the maximum allowable content of inorganic impurities is: zinc <1.0g/L, iron <1.5 g/L, antimony <0.15 g/L, lead <0.1 g/L, nickel <0.1 g/L, cadmium <0.1 g/L, chromium <0.3 g/L. The content of non-copper inorganic metal ions in the electrolyte must be within the allowable range, and the lower the better, and the lower the content of non-sulfate anions the better.
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Activated Carbon

In the production process of copper foil solution, the selection of specialized coconut shell activated carbon can effectively deal with the impurities in it. This activated carbon has undergone a special activation process and has an extremely high surface area and rich microporous structure, so it has excellent adsorption performance and can efficiently remove organic matter, heavy metal ions and other pollutants in the solution. Its high chemical stability enables it to maintain stable treatment effects in complex solution environments.

Conclusion about activated carbon for copper foil

Activated carbon plays an indispensable role in the purification of copper foil electrolyte. Its strong adsorption capacity and chemical stability make it a key tool to ensure the quality of copper foil production. If you are looking for a high-quality supplier of activated carbon products, we are the best choice. Zhulin Carbon offersmany types of activated carbon products, including granular pressed activated carbon suitable for copper foil electrolyte purification.
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