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How does decolorized activated carbon work?

Date :2019-03-08
Classify: Activated Carbon

Decolorized activated carbonis made from high-quality wood chips and produced by zinc chloride method ( wood powdered activated carbon ). It has developed mesopore structure, large adsorption capacity, rapid filtration and other characteristics.Is mainly suitable for all kinds of amino acid industry, refined sugar decolorization, monosodium glutamate industry, glucose industry, starch sugar industry, chemical fertilizer, dyes intermediates, food additives, pharmaceutical preparations such as pigment solution of decolorization, purification, deodorization.

Decolorizing activated carbon process: decolorizing activated carbon by phosphoric acid method production, has developed the pore structure and developed specific surface area, large adsorption capacity, fast filtering, the characteristics of no zinc salt is widely used in food industry of sugars, glutamic acid and salt, salt, citric acid and lactic acid and its salt, wine, spices, animal and plant protein, the biochemical products and pharmaceutical intermediates, vitamin, antibiotics, and other productsColor, refined, deodorization, miscellaneous.

Decolorized activated carbon: activated carbon has the ability to turn colored liquid into a light or colorless magic ability, which is actually because of the adsorption of activated carbon in the colored liquid pigment molecules.Because of the characteristics of activated carbon, it is widely used in the sugar industry in the brown sugar to white sugar production process.

Take two transparent cups, into the water in a cup, and then drop a drop of red ink (here you can use any kind of easy to observe without changing the nature of the water of pigment can, for example, blue ink, printer color ink, but it can't use ink and carbon ink), stir well after half of colored water in another cup reserved for comparison.When activated carbon is put into colored water, the amount should be half or more of the water, so that the effect will be more obvious. After 10-20 minutes of standing, it will be compared with the water sample. Under the same conditions, the stronger the decolorization effect, the better the adsorption of activated carbon.

There are many types of activated carbon, such as oil decolorization's activated carbon, Activated Carbon For Sugar Industry,Industrial Decolourizing Active Carbon,etc., So we shouldchoose the right activated carbon.If you have any questions about decolorized activated carbon, please feel free to contact us.

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