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Activated carbon for decolorization

Date :2020-12-29
Classify: Activated Carbon

What is decolorizing carbon?

Decolorizing carbon is finely produced activated carbon, which is often used to decolorize a solution. The small particles of decolorizing carbon provide a large surface area to which large colored molecules may become adsorbed.
activated carbon for decolorization 2

The following is some cases used in food industry.

Sugar decolorization

Sugar products are made of cassava as raw material, and produced into monosaccharide solution through enzyme and water electrolysis.
Some factories use hydrochloric acid and water electrolysis to produce monosaccharide solutions. The biggest difference is that yellow pigment is produced by the hydrochloric acid method. The color is darker than the enzymatic method, HMF latent pigment, so activated carbon not only decolorizes, but also removes HMF and Fe.
Zhulin activated carbon is the better choice to remove these impurities.


For sucrose decolorization, clients will choose zhulin specialized activated carbon. It uses low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal as raw material and adopts advanced grinding and remodeling briquetting technology. It is usually used in sugar purification industry. Zhulin can add MgO for a highly efficient and stable magnesium oxide activated carbon for sugar decolorization.

Citric acid

Citric acid is an organic acid. The pigments in the acid are red and yellow. Zhulin Activated carbon can remove gum, protein, and decolorize.


Palm oil produces diesel by-product glycerin during the production of biodiesel. Our activated carbon can remove the macromolecular pigment and the fat that has not been completely removed during the glycerin purification process.

Starch syrup

The color of the original syrup is relatively dark, so activated carbon is necessary for purification in the syrup liquid. The internal macropores and mesopores of wooden activated carbon are developed and the pores are abundant. It can not only absorb pigment molecules, but also remove impurities and heavy metals in sugar liquid. 

Plant extract decolorization

Natural pigments are mainly extracted from plant tissues and microorganisms (culture), such as plant roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc., which are all sources of pigment extraction. Activated carbon powder can effectilvely remove pigments from the liquid.

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