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Activated Carbon For Air Purification

Date :2019-12-01
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Gas filter 
H2S and other waste gases purification

Garbage burning for removing odor
Solvent recovery


Gas filterActivated Carbon For gas filter

Air filter activated carbon is a cylindrical or granular activated carbon. It is a special quality activated carbon to purify the polluted air. With high hardness and strength, coconut shell activated carbon and coal activated carbon can be used as air purification material. Among them, coconut shell activated carbon has the best effect. Air purification activated carbon, through deep activation and unique pore size adjustment process, the activated carbon has abundant pores, and the pore size is slightly larger than the toxic gas. The specific surface area is >1300 square meters / gram. It has high-efficiency adsorption capacity for benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and other toxic and harmful gases, which can effectively remove gaseous pollutants and harmful odorous substances in indoor air, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing pollution and purifying air. 

Now Zhulin Group provides two kinds of granules and columnar activated carbon products according to different applications, so the desorption and regeneration are easy and the loss is small. Therefore, activated carbon is an optimal air purification filter, both in terms of performance and from a consumer perspective.

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H2S and other waste gases purificationActivated Carbon For waste gases purification

Natural gas has been paid more and more attention as a high quality, efficient and clean energy. But it contains acid gas, like H2S and other waste gases. Hydrogen sulfur is a kind of odorous gas with the odor of rotten eggs. It is very toxic to human body, flammable and explosive. It is easy to corrode metals and block pipelines. This leads to physical safety threats and environmental pollution, so desulfurization must be carried out to achieve the national standard.

Activated carbon is widely used as adsorbent desulfurizer. It has the advantages of low cost, simple operation and high desulfurization efficiency. The adsorption capacity of different activated carbon was studied. Zhulin desulfurizated activated carbon has a very high H2S removal capacity. And this activated carbon is processed by impregnation.

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Garbage burning for removing odorActivated Carbon For removing odor

At present, domestic waste incineration flue gas emission standards are becoming more and more strict, which needs higher requirements on waste incineration flue gas treatment technology. Therefore, finding an efficient flue gas treatment process is the key to solving the problem.

Zhulin Group take the dry treatment process spraying the fine coal based activated carbon powder through the spray system to produce a solid compound, which is then collected by the dust collector together with the fly ash. Zhulin coal based activated powder generally uses 200mesh. It is stabilized and collected by the ash collection system. The basic combination process of the dry method and the bag type dust collector is one of the typical flue gas purification processes of the garbage incineration plant.

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Solvent recoveryActivated Carbon For solvent recovery

For solvent recovery, activated carbon is the preferred and commonly used adsorbent because of its strong adsorption capacity, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, abundant raw materials and easy regeneration. At present, Zhulin activated carbon used in this field is activated carbon pellets, commonly 3 mm and 4 mm particles. 

Zhulin brand solvent recovery activated carbon is made from natural high-quality coal by physical activation method. It is black granular, non-toxic, odorless, porous and developed. It has strong adsorptive capacity for most organic solvent vapors in a wide range of concentration and is widely used for recovery of benzene, xylene, ether, ethanol, acetone, gasoline, trichloromethane, tetrachloromethane and other organic solvents.

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