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Activated Carbon for Aquarium

Date :2019-05-06
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Activated carbon has a strong "physical adsorption" and "chemical adsorption" effect, can adsorb some organic compounds to remove, using this principle. We can quickly and effectively remove the harmful substances, odors and pigments in the water quality of aquariums, so that the water quality can be directly and quickly improved.


Activated carbon is a kind of microcrystalline carbon material with black appearance, developed pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. There are many invisible pores in the activated carbon. The total internal surface area of micropores in 1 gram of activated carbon data can reach 700-2300 square meters. That is to say, the internal surface area of micropores in the activated carbon of large particles and fine particles is equivalent to the internal surface area of the living room. It is these pores that allow activated carbon to "trap" (adsorb) various noxious gases and impurities (via van der Waals forces, or intermolecular forces) and thus clean water. In this process, no new substances are produced, which is due to physical changes and is very environmentally friendly.

Aquarium activated carbon commonly used granular activated carbon, our company is a professional activated carbon manufacturers, we can provide you with water treatment solutions, welcome to consult us.

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