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Wood Based Pelletized AC

Wood Pelletized Activated Carbon
Wooden columnar activated carbon is crafted from premium materials, including high-quality wood chips and coconut shells. The production process encompasses several steps, such as crushing, blending, extruding, molding, drying, carbonizing, and activating the raw materials, resulting in its exceptional surface area and adsorption capacity.


Wood pellet activated carbon utilizes the proprietary technology of non-bonding formed activated carbon, effectively breaking away from the conventional method of using coal tar, starch, and other traditional binders. By eliminating binder components entirely, it relies solely on the natural affinity between carbon molecules and the unique properties of the raw materials. This will make ensure the avoidance of carbon pore clogging, maximizing the adsorption capacity of the abundant and well-developed carbon pores.

With the use of high-quality wood chips and coconut shells as raw materials, the resulting columnar activated carbon exhibits significantly lower ash content and fewer impurities compared to traditional coal-based columnar carbon. This grants it an undeniable advantage in gas phase adsorption value and CTC (Carbon Tetrachloride activity). Furthermore, wood activated carbon pelelts boasts a well-balanced pore size distribution, optimizing both adsorption and desorption processes, thus greatly extending its service life to an impressive average of 2-3 years – a remarkable 1.4 times longer than ordinary coal-based activated carbon.


The following is the parameter information of wood pelletized activated cabron. We can also customize activated carbon according to clients' special requirements.
Subject  ZLEAC---Wood activated carbon pellets
Size (mm) 2mm, 4mm
CTC (%) 50-90
Ash (%) < 7
Mositure (%) < 5


•  Gas phase adsorption
•  Solvent recovery (hexane and toluene solvents)
•  Elimination of impurities and harmful gases, wast gas recovery
•  Capturing gasline vapors

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