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Tanzania Gold Mine Project

Date :2020-09-02
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 2020 Tanzania Gold Mine Project

Africa has the richest mineral resources, with gold, chromium, platinum group, manganese, cobalt, bauxite, phosphorus and other mineral resource reserves occupying the first place in the world. In the gold refining process, coconut shell activated carbon is the best choice. Therefore, in the entire African market, the largest demand for activated carbon is coconut shell gold carbon, of which 6*12 mesh, because of the uniform size of particles and low gold loss, is used by customers.

Such rich mineral resources have attracted many foreign investors. Since June this year, Zhulin Activated Carbon Group has cooperated with Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources to develop Tanzania gold mine project demand.
This is a very large project.

After a long period of exploration, the technicians of the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources finally determined the first step of mining. Bamboo Forest Activated Carbon is willing to provide the highest quality coconut shell activated carbon for gold recovery and the best help for the Henan Provincial Government.

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