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Activated carbon for zinc nickel

Date :2024-02-21
Classify: Activated Carbon


Activated carbon is a porous adsorbent that is usually processed from wood, coal, coconut and other raw materials under high temperature and anoxic conditions. Due to its large surface area and strong adsorption capacity, it is widely used in water treatment, air purification, food and beverage production and other fields.

How does activated carbon work for zinc and nickel

During the processing of zinc, nickel and other metals, some metal impurities often appear. These metal impurities will not only reduce product quality, but may also cause corrosion and damage to equipment. Therefore, it is very important to effectively remove these metal impurities in zinc-nickel treatment.

Activated carbon can adsorb metal ions and therefore can be used to remove metal impurities during zinc and nickel treatment. Generally speaking, adding activated carbon to the zinc-nickel treatment solution and mixing it thoroughly will allow the metal impurities to be adsorbed to the activated carbon.

Basic notes for activated carbon application

1. Selection of activated carbon: Choose high-quality, porous, and strong adsorption activated carbon, like coconut shell activated carbon.
2. The added amount of activated carbon: The amount needs to be determined according to the actual situation to achieve the best effect.
3. Activated carbon replacement cycle: After activated carbon absorbs metal, it will gradually become saturated and needs to be replaced regularly.
4. Treatment of activated carbon: The metals adsorbed by activated carbon can be recovered and processed through burning or chemical treatment.


Activated carbon can effectively remove metal impurities in zinc-nickel treatment solutions, but we need to pay more attention to the selection and application details of activated carbon. Through the rational application of activated carbon, the quality of the zinc-nickel treatment process can be improved and the service life of the equipment can be extended.
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