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Activated Carbon for PSA

Date :2021-01-23
Classify: Activated Carbon


Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) separation technology is most widely used in the separation and purification of industrial gases. In the pressure swing adsorption project, the special activated carbon has a large adsorption capacity for a certain gas and a small adsorption characteristic for other gases to realize gas separation, purification, concentration and recovery.

Activated Carbon

PSA activated carbon is made of coal as raw material, crushed to 200mesh, mixed with composite catalyst and coal tar, then extruded into pellet type in a molding machine, and then carbonized, acid, activated and other processes are made into PSA activated carbon . The composite catalyst affects the molecular structure of the raw material, improves the micropore distribution of the activated carbon, has high CO2 adsorption capacity, low cost, and has strong practicability.
PSA coal-made activated carbon has developed pores, large specific surface area, and large mesopores. It is mainly used to separate chlorine and carbon dioxide from the air, separate methane from fermentation gas, and separate hydrogen from methanol gas.

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