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Tanzania Gold Mine Project

Date :2020-09-02
Classify: Company News


As we all know, Africa stores a large amount of gold, and the gold industry is also an important economic pillar of Africa. A series of related demand for gold mining equipment is very large. From June this year, Zhulin Activated Carbon corporation has cooperated with the Henan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources to develop the needs of Tanzanian gold mine projects.

This is a very huge project. After a long period of exploration, technicians from the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources have finally determined the first step. In the process of gold mining, coconut shell carbon is essential, and its quality determines the importance of gold adsorption.

Zhulin Activated Carbon is willing to provide the best quality coconut shell activated carbon for gold recovery and provide the best help for the Henan Provincial Government.



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