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Edible oil decolorization

Date :2020-04-16
Classify: Activated Carbon

How do you decolorize oil?

The main component of fats is fatty acid glyceride, also contains a small amount of free fatty acids and other impurities. There are usually three steps in the refining method: neutralization, decolorization, and deodorization. After refining the oil, remove harmful ingredients and retain beneficial ingredients. 
Neutralization generally uses sodium hydroxide to remove free fatty acids, and also has the function of removing proteins and gums, and reduces other impurities. If you want to change the color of the oil to monochrome, you need to do further processing. Usually, activated clay and powdered activated carbon are used in combination to achieve the effect of decolorization and oil purification.

What is the use of activated carbon in edible oil?
Activated carbon can be prepared from a variety of carbon-containing raw materials (coal, wood, fruit shell, etc.), after high temperature treatment, and then activated by chemical activators (phosphoric acid, zinc oxide, etc.), air, and steam to increase its surface area and improve adsorption activity .
Activated carbon can effectively remove high molecular weight PAHs that cannot be adsorbed by white clay (while the deodorization process can only remove low molecular weight PAHs containing 4 or less). Activated carbon is particularly strong in adsorption of PAHs, and even by pressing the activated carbon filter cake, the filtered oil does not contain PAHs.

The decolorization of edible oil is also important for the selection of activated carbon. The activated carbon products produced by different activation methods are also different. It is suitable for the decolorization of different oils. It is generally better to conduct experiments before usage. The pH of activated carbon is also very important, controlled between 5-8, too alkaline or too acidic will cause undesirable changes in edible oil.


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