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Coal activated carbon powder uses

Date :2020-11-27
Classify: Activated Carbon

Coal can be processed into the different types of granular, pellet, and powder activated carbon. The most cost effective is coal-based activated carbon powder, which has low competition, large sales volume, and sufficient supply.
It has wide applications.
(1)Waste incineration
In the past, people adopted the method of filling and medicament to eliminate garbage, which was destroyed in decades and caused pollution. Since 1990, waste incineration has been applied, and the cost of waste disposal has increased from 54RMB/t to 67RMB/t. The reason is the rise of raw materials and the government improves the environmental requirements.
China's emission standard: national standard GB18485-2014
Emission standard: dioxin 0.1Ng
Mercury: 0.05mg/Nm3
Cadmium: 0.1mg/Nm3
Lead: 1mg/Nm3
SO2: 20mg/Nm3
CO: 50mg/Nm3
HCL: 250mg/Nm3
HF (hydrogen fluoride): 80mg/Nm
After incineration, it will produce ammonia, nitrogen, sulfur and nitrogen oxides will be produced
Kitchen waste: Dioxins
Metals: Fe, Pb, Cr, Hg, Cu
Leather: sulfur, hydrogen, HCL
Rubber: HF
For waste incineration, zhulin carbon can provide 800-900 iodine value coal activated carbon powder, which can absorb various waste gas by spraying way.
(2) Wastewater treatment
The wastewater mainly contains phenolic pollutants, cresol and ethyl phenol. And most is mainly acidic. The PH of coal activated carbon is alkaline, which is neutral to the acidity and neutralization of wastewater.
Wastewater contains more negative ions, hydroxy-OH. Coal is conductive and has more positive ions, which can lead neutralization of positive and negative ions.
(3) Soil improvement: removing geosmin
(4) Urban sewage treatment, water plant: removing organic matter (humic acid), that is, adjusting the pH value, residual chlorine, reducing turbidity, decoloring, removing heavy metals.

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